Name Server Problems - 02/18/2006

On the 18th we had to due some DNS maintenance that resulted in an error in the name server configuration. It was resolved a few hours later. If you experience any domain resolution related problems please let us know as soon as possible.

Some Milestones - 09/21/2005

We have completed a whole bunch of backend tasks including getting a good start on the ESG move.

Speaking of ESG, JOOMLA! 1.0.1 is out and it is very nice. Support the Joomla! team by moving from that other CMS to a better supported one. ;)

For current ESG members: we have a TeamSpeak server up and running. Login to ESG to find out how to get an account

Finally, we will not be updating the public project news pages for the next few weeks as we will soon be making some big changes in that area and it seems like a waste of time given what we have in mind. If you are part of a project team we will still be updating projects in the project management tool so you should still check there.

Running under full power - 09/18/2005

After a fair amount of grief and over a week we have moved from our old server to a new server and then to a new server at a new vendor. We are now up and running on a stable server with a professional service provider. I believe our server problems are over for now. Please let us know if you run into any problem with your accounts, as there may be a few configuration things to fix here and there.

Speaking of which, we have added a new customer support website at: To login use your email address and a password of welcome. You can open support/helpdesk tickets here and we will post announcements here too.

If you are interested in the events of the last few weeks I have put them in a brief document you can find either in the files section of the customer site or at - 09/16/2005

ashliesanime.comis back up and running now. There were some DNS issues caused by the migration of that one site.

Rebuilt Apache - 09/15/2005

Web server was down for a little bit today (10 minutes) so we could rebuild it with some required modules.

Back up and running - 09/14/2005

All of the sites (except are back up and running on the new servers. We will chroinical the whole story this weekend in a post here, on ESG and an email to customers. Again, we apologize for who difficult this has been for all of you.

Too many problems - 09/14/2005

All of the news items over the last few days have been lost due to a failure at the web service provider. We are in the process of selecting a new service provider and will post all of the events and our decision in the next few days. Please limit the number of changes you make to your site content as we will be moving everything again in the next two days.

Moving day is upon us - 09/10/2005

We are migrating to the new servers today, the copy could be going right now. Because we will have our own DNS servers all hosted sites may be unavailible for up to four hours. That's a worst case prediction. Please make sure you update your DNS settings as soon as possible.

Moving day is coming - 09/08/2005

We've outgrown our current server and service plan so its time to move. We are moving to a VPS service that should provide much better database performance and allow us to things we couldn't before.

Some of the new features we will be able to implement are:

  • We will be able to host SVN and TeamSpeak right here!
  • New client tool to track helpdesk request, service levels, account management, invoicing, etc.
  • The ability to install any feature you need. PHP 5 anyone?
  • Our own IP addresses, just for little old us.
  • Scaling up will be a 30 second process in the future!

Please Note: Those of you who are managing your own DNS settings will need to change then to the new DNS server. Both the old and new servers should function for a while.

We were going to change service providers and do a slow transition but the current provider sweetened the deal and so we will probably be making the move tomorrow!!! We want to get it done before taking online.

Change of plan - 09/01/2005

There's been a big change of plans. The exMambo team has chosen a new name: Joomla! Once you get used to it, it's a decent name. Based on the FAQ they have posted, at, "The rebranding affects almost all files so it is not possible to patch just a few files." So we are going to wait for the rebranded version (Joomla! 1.0) before upgrading the StarGate. We will take the weekend to do some other work such as completing the TeamSpeak service, the SVN service, and the Everntum installation.

Progress Report - 08/29/2005

The project conversion has been completed! Project team members should jump on over to the project pages for more information.

The next item of business is moving ESG. With all of the BS from Miro and the resulting Mambo split, visit the real Mambo teams site for the details, it isn't likely that a new revision of Mambo will be in the cards soon so we are going to convert the StarGate to 4.5.3 during the long weekend. ESG will be down early Saturday and will not return until late Monday.

Yes I still live! - 08/17/2005
Work, TCMI, a dog, a baby and a new teenager in the house…
With all of this and the server crash a little while back I just unplugged for a while but now we're back in business. Over the next eight weeks we will be doing the following around here:
  • Completely converting the project management system to a different software package.
  • Upgrading ESG (Mambo) and moving it to its own domain.
  • Providing a TeamSpeak server for all ESG members to use.
  • Providing a SVN server for the projects team(s).
  • Providing an Eventum system for the projects team(s).
  • This will integrate with the new project management tool (very cool).
  • Upgrading the project demo sites to newer software version.
  • Restarting the AD&D campaign.
  • Kicking off some projects that are finally gaining steam. Check out the projects page for this stuff.
Thanks for sticking by me while I gave myself a time-out.

More AD&D news - 05/20/2005
AD&D players -> Please check ESG or the AD&D page for important game date updates.

More site updates - 04/21/2005
AD&D players -> Please check ESG or the AD&D page for important game date updates.
Gkanks project members -> Checkout the project page for some new demo information.

Site updates and launches - 03/06/2005
We have updated several of the sub-sites and re-started some work on ESG. We have also launched the Project Pages, if you have a project you would like to manage through please let us know. We have a great group project management tool in place and ready for use.

Event updates - 12/03/2004
Both the AD&D game and the LAN party have had date changes. Please visit ESG for information on both or go the AD&D page for that game's new date.

AD&D Game Cancelled - 10/22/2004
Due to a schedule conflict for Fann, and his offspring, as well as some illness in my family we will be canceling the game on Sunday. The next game will be November 7th.

Updates - 10/12/2004
Wow, it has been a long while since the front end of the domain has had any news posted. Again, ESG is where most of the dynamic content is. The rest of the site has not had much going on but that may change soon. I will be re-writing the backend systems on both this news page and on the AD&D page and we may be adding a few more pages that don't make sense as part of ESG.

AD&D Players: Either visit the StarGate or the AD&D page for an important announcement!

Where the action is - 06/29/2004
For those of you who have not joined us on the Elder StarGate, you should. Go there. Now. This is where most of the news and community gets updated first. I'm not sure what we will be doing with the rest of the site in the future.

We are doing game, book, movie, and music reviews there. We are trying to build an active community. We have the usual stuff: forums, an arcade, and user post-able links. We even have a conversion of an old classic BBS game Legend of the Red (now Green) Dragon.

One more item for the AD&D players; you should look at the AD&D page or the post about the next game on ESG.

Update - 06/19/2004
Some baby pics are on the front page of the StarGate. AD&D players check out the forum on ESG or the AD&D page here to find out when we are playing next.

A couple of us plan on playing Diablo 2 tonight at around 20:30. Send me an email if you want to join us. If I remember I will post the server IP here once we start.

Julian has arrived!!! - 06/05/2004
Join us in giving thanks and praise to God for the safe arrival of Julian Everrett Brockway Phillips. He was born on June 5th, 2004 at 6:38 AM and weighs 10 lbs and 4 oz ("… huge tiny Elvis"). Beth was able to deliver him normally and both the baby and mom are doing great.

Rosa's Realm Restored! - 05/31/2004
Shadowrosa's realm has been resoted.

ESG Restored! - 05/07/2004
The Elder StarGate has been fully retored.
The entire downtime related story can be found there.

New Web Host! - 05/04/2004
We are no longer using Just-Hosting, it's the end of an era, but it's for the best.
We are up on a new web host and I think we might like it here.
We are now a web hosting reseller, bwaaahaaahaaa!!! Ok so it doesn't mean much but it is a good service plan.
I am currently restoring ESG and Rosa's Realm. While I'm at it I'm fixing a few things (I hope), so it's going to take a day or so. I'll take care of ESG first and then Rosa's Realm this weekend. I've got the CMS installed, the db structures restored, so I'm going to bed and will work on the rest tomorrow.

You're botherin' me son! - 05/02/2004
New problem...
While attempting to restore the Elder StarGate and Rosa' Realm the freakin' database on this server died. So we have to wait for the service provider to fix that problem before those sites will return.
Just-Hosting has always been really good to us and all of the other sites hosted by them, that I have some responsibility for, are functioning so I'm going to stick with them a little longer. Let's hope they can resolve this quickly.
I may have them move the site to a different server or maybe even a different data center.

DOWNTIME - 04/30/2004
All of the domains were down for some time. It may take a little bit to recover The Elder StarGate and Rosa's Realm. They should both be fully functional by the Sunday or sooner.
Our web hosting provider had a major issue with the support software they use and our server lost a hard drive during that time. We went down on 04/24/2004.

The Elder StarGate is live - 04/12/2004
The Elder StarGate is up and ready at:
Come join us in the Tavern.

AD&D Players - 03/25/2004
A little up date for all of the AD&D players. Click the link over there -->

New server - 03/24/2004
Woot! We are on the new servers and I'm working on a bunch of updates. Yes that includes ESG. Check back in a few days.

A Bunch Of News - 09/22/2003
  • Frag A Friend is back on!!! Goto the new Frag A Friend Website
  • No AD&D for a while - Visit the site for more details.
  • I am so incredibly busy it's not funny so updates aren't likely to happen again until November.
  • In November the site will be moving to a new server - not a new provider just a new server.
    • Still using Just-Hosting because they rock.
    • The move means some things will get reset or rebuilt - The ESG project will be reset from scratch.
  • In November ESG (The Elder StarGate) will return from the void

Frag A Friend Has Lost It's Home - 08/07/2003
Due to unforeseen circumstances Frag-A-Friend has lost it's location. If you can help with a location please let us know right away. We would like to proceed with the planned game date if possible.

Frag A Friend Added!!! - 07/30/2003
Tyson has been working hard on putting together a great network gaming event. We have put up a quick and dirty web site to get the word out. I plan on doing some beatifying this weekend and adding an online registration to it but for now just go look at the Frag A Friend page and signup for the fun.

Where have all the updates gone - 07/17/2003
The admins have been doing some serious slacking around here. Who do I complain to... Oh... Oops, Nevermind. Look out for the return of the Elder StarGate!!! In the next few weeks we should have it up and running. Hopefully with the old messages and at least one of the door games.

Started using the Event Log - 04/21/2003
We have started posting upcoming events on the Event Log page. We will use that page to track LAN games, MTG sessions, AD&D sessions, movie outings, etc... so check it often! Please check that page frequently as we will not be posting event info on this news page. At the moment the Event Log is not automated so please send any events you want posted to me ( or Gakk (  

Updates for the AD&D Campaign pages - 04/20/2003
AD&D players check out the updates!!!  

Updates for the AD&D Campaign pages - 01/24/2003
The AD&D Campaign pages have had several pages added and updated both yesterday and today.  

New Front End For - 01/19/2003
As you can tell we have put a new front end on the web site. Whenever a hosted site has been updated we will post it a quick summary right here. Within the next week we will put up both the EventLog site and the AD&D web site. Keep checking back for updates.   Thanks to Aby Studios for this web template.